Our Story

Why Inside Out Active?:

  "Inside Out Active is a faith-based, eco-activewear brand that emphasizes the importance of working out inner health as well as physical health.  I believe positive change starts with the individual, changed from the inside out through love (John 3:16).  Then by spreading the love of Jesus, stewarding our bodies, families, communities, environment, and resources, we can make a positive impact on what truly matters, people.  My challenge to you is to mature in the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22) and then extend those character traits to others, and love like Jesus loved.
  On the manufacturing end, I wanted to create a clothing line that puts people and the stewardship of our resources first.  In my textile science class in college, I found out how terrible the fashion industry is for exploiting workers and damaging the environment in its processes, so I wanted to do something differently.  In an effort to give consumers better options and hopefully create a demand in the industry for a better standard of practice I've chosen to use environmentally friendly textiles, caring manufacturers, and design with love, purpose, and encouraging prints to ensure you are getting a product you can be proud to own.  The fruit of the Spirit is also printed on each garment label and hang tag.

     A portion of our proceeds goes to Samaritan's purse.  It was too hard for me to choose just one cause to support because there are so many that I am passionate about.  Thankfully Samaritan's Purses' funds go to many different avenues that help people in desperate need and best of all, they do it all in the name of Jesus!

Read more about them and the work they are doing here. 

The short videos below give some brief insight into the parts of the industry not too many people get to hear."

Mahalo for your support!
-Lauren Folsland (owner/designer)