Made in USA

Our U.S.A. manufacturer supports fair labor and the local economy while utilizing quality sustainable textiles.  They provide their workers with competitive wages, benefits, and a safe comfortable work environment.  They use low impact, fiber reactive dyes, recycled water, and organic as well as recycled fabrics.

Made in Canada

Made in Canada using socially conscious manufacturing processes.  Our manufacturer supports fair trade and ethics in the making of the garments so all the knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing is done in house.  Their knitting machines reduce energy consumption, their dye house only uses nontoxic materials, and their cut and sew department recycles 10% of their textile waste.  Their employees are paid above minimum wage to start, breaks, medical, and dental are covered.

Made in China

China is the main producer of bamboo and we've partnered with a manufacturing company there that mainly works with bamboo and organic cotton textiles.  The owner is also an eco friendly enthusiast and makes sure everything from garment construction to  working conditions for employees are top notch.  

Garment Labels, Heat Press, Screen Print, Sublimation 

Our garment labels are printed here in Hawaii and our logos are made out of eco-friendly vinyl.  Our screen printed products also utilize eco friendly inks.  Sublimation prints are made with solvent free sublimation inks.